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The Best Hazardous Waste Transportation Services: It Starts with Our Drivers

Enviro-Safe Truck Drivers

Safe transportation services start with skilled drivers. But what sets drivers apart as the most highly qualified? And how can generators be sure they have selected the most reliable transporter to get the job done right given their “cradle-to-grave” liability? To find out, we went straight to the source and asked Bill, an Enviro-Safe driver, about what best practices set Enviro-Safe’s transportation services apart. 

What are the best practices you use as a driver? How does Enviro-Safe encourage you to go above and beyond these standards for our customers?

Bill: Enviro-Safe differs from other companies in that they hold employees to a higher standard of integrity and performance. Excellence is expected, acknowledged and rewarded. We are all treated fairly and with respect. This definitely impacts our work for our clients. I feel we always go the extra mile (no pun intended). Being a safe and alert driver is something I have always prided myself on and something Enviro-Safe expects and encourages. Customers are the top priority, and we take care of them. No request or question is pushed aside or ignored.

Our trainings range from driving to PPE (personal protection equipment) to properly filling out paperwork. Every training, no matter what, is tied back to safety. Ensuring the waste we pick up is safe for transport is extremely important. I always ensure everything is properly loaded, labeled and secured. Nothing can be leaking or damaged. Paperwork must always be accurate, and the truck needs proper placards for identification of what is on board. That’s just standard practice for us at Enviro-Safe.

What does your typical work week look like as a driver?

Bill: No week is ever the same, and there is always something to learn. I like the variety and look forward to seeing new territory along with new faces as well as old customers who I now consider friends. We have customers who have been with us for a very long time, so seeing them regularly is a nice part of the job. I have a balance between smaller pickups and very large pickups. Some pickups are more physically demanding than others. I have flexibility in my work schedule and am able to schedule work around time with my family. It's an extremely interesting industry.

What sets Enviro-Safe apart as an employer, and how does this impact customer service?

Bill: Leadership has a lot of respect for us as employees and for our clients. They always make sure to let you how valuable you are. They are also very inclusive. They value and ask for my opinion, which is very refreshing. Enviro-Safe is a family-owned business that allows you to be a person and not just a number in a company. This holds true for clients also. Enviro-Safe sets itself apart from our competition by serving the companies that our competition either won't serve or pushes aside because of their smaller size. We are able to go above and beyond what the customer needs for a competitive price. 

Ultimately, Enviro-Safe has been the best company I have worked for. The owners are smart and caring, and my co-workers are some of my favorite people. We all work as a team and treat each other like family. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Bill: Enviro-Safe is growing, and for good reason. It’s not your typical environmental company, as evidenced in the details like how clean the shop and the grounds look and its high customer retention rates. Working for a company that treats its drivers well makes it easy to go the extra mile. 

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