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Waste Minimization and Sustainability Initiatives

Enviro-Safe creates waste minimization programs to help companies reach and maintain their sustainability commitments and goals.

Waste Minimization

Sustainability & Recycling

Enviro-Safe's recycling facility is fully insured and licensed as a transfer, storage and disposal facility. We also are fully licensed as a hazardous (RCRA) waste transporter. Our non-hazardous (Non-RCRA) waste license allows us to transport, store and process liquids, sludges and solids. We can also manage and store used oils, universal waste and e-waste. Specific, lightly used organic solvents that meet fixed parameters may also qualify under a solvent continued use program. This unique program manages used solvent as a product, not a hazardous waste. Our services include:

  •   Non Hazardous (Non-RCRA) Thermal Waste Recycling
  •   RCRA Hazardous Waste Recycling & Disposal
  •   Fuel Blending
  •   Used Oil Recycling
  •   Universal Waste Recycling
  •   E-Waste Recycling
  •   Solvent Continued Use
  •   Sustainability Programs and Landfill Diversion Programs
  •   Wastewater Treatment Options
  •   Virgin, Unused, Expired, or Damaged Products for Reuse
  •   Off-Spec Products for Reuse
  •   Excluded and Exempt Programs
  •   Metal Recycling
  •   Biomass/Land Application

Environmental Services

Successful businesses recognize the importance of integrating sound environmental programs and practices into their overall management plan and procedures. Enviro-Safe recognizes the importance of a company’s environmental consciousness.

Environmental Services

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Resource Recovery & Sustainability.

Our company is committed to our employees, customers, environment and community. This has allowed us to grow into industry leaders in resource recovery and landfill diversion programs.

Leaders in sustainability programs and waste management solutions