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5 Devastating Consequences of Improper Waste Disposal and Environmental Impacts: Part II

Devastating Consequences of Improper Waste Disposal

This post is a continuation of our post 5 Devastating Consequences of Improper Waste Disposal: Part I. If you haven’t already, you can read it here.

Risk 3: Environmental Hazards Of Improper Waste Disposal

One of the obvious ramifications of mishandling waste is damage to the environment. It goes without saying that environmental pollution caused by poor and improper waste disposal can reap serious havoc on habitats, ecosystems, air, water, and soil. These consequences can have both long and short-term effects. Chemicals that are not disposed of properly can pass through wastewater treatment systems and enter drinking water or oceans, leading to health hazards and harming biodiversity. Pollution and toxins can impact fisheries, plants, livestock and contaminate other food sources. Human activity and waste has been linked to excessive growth of algae in oceans across the world, producing deadly toxins that kill marine life and impact human health. Ultimately, the most obvious and immediate consequence of improper waste disposal is the irreparable damage to the environment that will impact humans for years to come.

Risk 4: Overburdened Waste Management Infrastructure

When businesses fail to properly recycle or dispose of their waste, they put an undue burden on our waste management infrastructure. Today, recycling contamination rate for communities and businesses is 25 percent, meaning a fourth of all materials placed in recycling centers are not actually recyclable. On the other hand, when materials are placed in landfills that could have been recycled, this also creates economic loss and inefficiencies, not to mention environmental contamination. Waste management and sewer employees can also be endangered when they encounter harmful materials through direct contact, gasses, or explosives. To avoid improperly disposing of materials that could be recycled, you need an expert in resource recovery. Enviro-Safe is built on sustainable recycling practices and can turn hazardous wastes into renewable energy sources or find secondary markets for your material. Enviro-Safe’s programs ultimately help your bottom line while easing the liability burden associated with landfills through recycling and reuse.

Risk 5: Compromised Professional Reputation

Every year, the EPA publishes a public Major Criminal Cases report outlining ways some companies and individuals have broken environmental laws. Long-term reputation loss for businesses, such as Volkswagon AG and Tonawanda Coke, are well documented in the media after they violated federal and local waste management standards. Even if a company’s violation is not serious enough to warrant a spot on the EPA’s criminal report, chances are good that after enough failed inspections, businesses risk a tarnished reputation and professional ruin in their local communities due to improper waste disposal and environmental impacts. Ultimately, a business’s reputation will affect their bottom line.

To avoid risking your professional reputation, it is crucial you develop an understanding of local and federal regulations and the effects of improper waste disposal. Complying with challenging environmental, safety and health regulations may seem expensive and time consuming, but failure to comply can be even more costly. If managed by the experts, being in compliance can save your business thousands of dollars each year. In fact, many progressive companies are looking beyond merely being in compliance and are implementing strategies to reduce cost and gain a competitive business edge. Enviro-Safe’s environmental and safety personnel can help implement health and safety programs that are both cost effective and help businesses reach their core objectives.

If you’re a generator, disposing of your industrial waste doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The experts at Enviro-Safe have the knowledge combined with years of experience working with regulatory agencies to help you remain in compliance and reduce the risk of these five pitfalls, freeing you to focus on running your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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