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Managing Universal Waste in Wisconsin Part II: Regulations, Best Practices and Recycling

Managing Universal Waste in Wisconsin

This post is continued from a previous post, “Managing Universal Waste in Wisconsin Part I: Regulations, Best Practices and Recycling.” Read it here.

Used Mercury-Containing Equipment

Mercury-containing equipment, such as electronics and thermostats, are subject to regulations under Wisconsin state codes NR 673.04. Proper labeling and storage in plastic leak-proof containers is best, and be sure to consult recycling experts like those at Enviro-Safe to discuss your electronics recycling options. For spills, the Wisconsin DNR recommends:

  • Never using a vacuum or broom to clean up mercury spills.
  • Never pour mercury down a drain.
  • While spills of less than 2 tablespoons may be cleaned up by staff, make sure employees are trained in proper disposal.
  • Learn more about how to manage mercury spills here.

Antifreeze: A Wisconsin-Specific Universal Waste

In Wisconsin, a generator who uses antifreeze may recycle it or be subject to applicable solid and hazardous waste regulations. This is because used antifreeze can contain lead, cadmium or chromium. Generators who choose to recycle used antifreeze may save money because antifreeze is expensive and difficult to dispose of, and poses a serious threat to environmental and human health.

If your company generates antifreeze, consider working with recycling and reuse professionals like those at Enviro-Safe. In some cases, recycled antifreeze may be returned to the generator for your re-use, saving you more money.

A Note on Aerosol Cans

The EPA is proposing to add aerosol cans to the list of universal wastes. Wisconsin’s current regulations regarding aerosol cans can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

Enviro-Safe Services 

At Enviro-Safe, we work to help our clients in Wisconsin and across the Midwest; we are leaders in sustainable solutions and waste management programs, conserving our natural resources and controlling your bottom line costs. Our professional environmental staff can help with all of your recycling and waste management needs which includes hazardous and non-hazardous waste, universal waste and e-waste. We can receive all of your wastes at our facility located in Germantown, Wisconsin, are fully insured and WDNR compliant. We offer pickups of various bulk materials or containers that are in drums, totes, cubic yard boxes or pallets and provide waste profiling, sampling (if required) and waste profile characterization. We also own and operate our own transportation fleet that include straight trucks, vans and tanker trucks. 

What’s the advantage of working with Enviro-Safe over larger TSDFs or waste brokers? Enviro-Safe is typically smaller than traditional TSDFs and larger than waste brokers. TSDFs who often become too large are not as nimble and lack in their customer service response and pricing. Brokers are often one-man bands who work out of their house or a small office, offer little marginal insurance and lack deep pockets or the financial means to protect your liability. We are a family owned business that operates a facility and transportation fleet, provides great customer service and pride ourselves on high customer retention. Enviro-Safe has been in the environmental business roughly 18 years and continues to grow. We recently received a 2019 MMAC Future 50 Master Mettle award as a three-time recipient and have received numerous awards based on company growth and employment. We provide our customers help reducing waste with proven waste minimization programs. Our goal and commitment is to provide the best services and lower your bottom line by not charging for numerous adders that drive up your costs. Our services are competitively priced, compliant, and without hidden agendas. Learn more about how our professionals at Enviro-Safe can help find the best solution for your various wastes needs.

To learn more and watch videos about universal waste management in Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin DNR page.

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